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Debi W. - West Memphis, AR

This procedure greatly eased my ear pressure and sinus headaches.

I was surprised the procedure took less than 20 minutes. I only felt a little pressure and recovery was short. I am a dentist in a busy dental office. I had the procedure done on a Thursday morning and had no problem returning to work the next Monday.

I highly recommend this procedure for people suffering from sinus pressure.

Beth R. – Memphis, TN 

Frequent sinus infections have plagued me since childhood. It seemed there was no way to escape having at least four or more a year. Then I began getting an infection requiring antibiotics every two months. I saw Dr. Petri and discussed Sinuplasty. Since I had never heard of it, I did some reseearch, read patient testimonials, and decided to have the procedure. It has been a year since I had the procedure, and my recurring sinus infections have stopped. The procedure did not take long, Dr. Petri and her staff made me comfortable, and it was done with minimal discomfort.

I am so happy to feel normal and not have to deal with frequent recurring infections any longer. I only wish I had known about it sooner. Thank you Dr. Petri for my excellent results. It was without question worth the time and money.

David B. – Memphis, TN 

Thank you for three years of relief.  The headaches have gone from constant to rare, the seasonal allergies are much less bothersome, all in all a wonderful result.  Thank you!

Bill B. – Collierville, TN

I would like to share my experience regarding balloon sinuplasty. I was born in Memphis, and have lived here for the majority of my life. I am 81 years old and I believe I currently hold first place for the oldest recipient of this procedure. I have suffered from sinus infections for most of my life, but it wasn’t until Dr. Petri performed the sinuplasty on my granddaughter that I realized there might be some help for me. I have had other health issues, so when it was a good time for me, I went to see Dr. Petri. She did a CT scan of my head and the results were confirmed that I was a candidate for the procedure. The procedure was scheduled and it was done in the office. Dr. Petri opened all 4 sinus cavities! I followed her instructions to the letter for the 2 weeks post op. I went back for my check up, and everything was great! Everything was open and clear. I have been breathing so much better since the procedure, and I haven’t breathed this clearly in over 40 years!

Dr. Jan was excellent, and took time to explain the procedure to my wife and me. She answered all my questions, and gave me phone numbers to get in touch with her if I had any problems. Even though there were other patients in the office, she treated me like I was the only one there. Her professionalism and compassion was and is very comforting. I would also like to thank her staff, they were so helpful with the scheduling, insurance questions and making sure I had all the information in writing, including pamphlets and websites to research the procedure.

Thank you so much Dr. Petri, you have truly made a difference in this senior’s quality of life.

John S. – Memphis, TN

I have had sinus problems since I was a small child. There has not been a day in my life that I have not fought the congestion caused by my allergic reaction to (it seems) everything!!! I had lived for years with ongoing infections that likely were never eradicated even with strong antibiotics because my upper sinuses were impacted. Life was moving from one sinus infection to another. While I am certain that every case is different, I want to tell you my results of the balloon sinuplasty performed by Dr. Petri. Following the procedure, my immediate description of my ability to breathe through my nose was liken it to "air moving through a cave". I felt better almost immediately. Because my problems were severe it took several months to completely get rid of all infection. I continue to feel that it was a remarkable treatment and experience.

Rose S. – Memphis, TN

After many recurring problems with sinus infections and many rounds of antibiotics, I made an appointment with Dr. Petri. She ordered tests including CT scan and a sleep study. In a follow-up visit with her in early February she discussed the Sinuplasty procedure with me as a possible solution to my problems. Since Dr. Petri had performed vocal chord surgeries on me in the past, I had great confidence in her surgical skills. So, I did not have to think long about making a decision to have the Sinuplasty.

One week later I had the in office procedure. Recovery time was short with very little discomfort. Results were immediate. For years I had become dependent on nasal spray to get through the night. I have not used nasal spray since the surgery. I had also suffered from almost constant pressure and pain in the bone structure in my face, all of which is now gone. It has been three months since my surgery and I have had no sinus infections and have not even had the usual spring allergy attacks that I normally experience. Another unexpected result is that my oxygen level which had been dropping at night is now normal.

Aside from Dr. Petri's skills as a physician and surgeon, her interpersonal skills are wonderful! She takes a personal interest in her patients and takes time to discuss everything and answer questions. I have been her patient for over twenty years and she always greets me as an old friend. I would recommend the surgery to anyone who is having chronic sinus problems. Older people should not fear the surgery. I am seventy-five years old and the results have truly been life changing!

Larry E. – Memphis, TN

My name is Larry and I am wanting to provide my testimony regarding how the sinuplasty surgery has greatly helped me. I am a 68 year-old man who has had sinus trouble, accompanied by headaches, for some time. About 6 times each year I would need antibiotics and sinus cocktail shots to get over these infections. I had been seeing Dr. Petri for about the last 12 years when I discovered I had a cyst in my sinus cavity (making sure it doesn't change in size and need to be surgically removed). I also have a deviated septum that I had been considering having surgery to repair in hopes that it would help my sinuses.

Dr. Petri recommended sinuplasty to me; and after a CAT scan, I had the sinuplasty surgery on 12/11/14. Even though I had looked at the online testimonies, I was expecting it to hurt and me to be out of commission for several days. Surprising to me, it did not hurt, I had no pain following the surgery, and I was able to run several errands the same day after the surgery. I was immediately able to breath better out of my nose. During the first week after surgery, I experienced a couple of headaches and took some of the hydrocodone prescribed for pain, but I haven't had any headaches since. I used the saline nasal wash 5 to 6 times a day at first, but now I don't really need it any longer, but still am using it once or twice a day as it makes my nose feel good.

My wife notices that when I am asleep, my mouth is closed, and I am breathing out of my nose. I am definitely glad I had this surgery and recommend this surgery to anyone who has had frequent sinusitis, sinus headaches, and trouble breathing out of their nose.

Becky M. – Shelby Forest, TN

I have suffered from sinus infections most of my life. I did not learn until recent years after an office visit with Dr. Jan Petri that I have a deviated septum, but I had always noticed that my right nostril did not collapse like my left nostril when I took in a deep breath. In 2014, I had three major sinus infections, one while touring Ireland and Scotland. You don't want a trip of a lifetime ruined by a sinus infection, but I managed to get back home with my head still attached to see Dr. Petri and she suggested in-office balloon sinuplasty. When I had the third sinus infection in December, enough was enough!

The procedure was not painful even though the roots of my teeth are extremely close to my sinus cavity....a hereditary factor. This was the easiest procedure I have ever had performed on me while being fully awake. I give it two thumbs up....wish I had more thumbs! I highly recommend this procedure!

John S. – Memphis, TN

I had the Balloon Sinuplasty procedure in your office on September 18, 2014. My post-op surgery went very well. I followed your instructions in the use of the Afrin and Nasal Saline and I was fully recovered in 3 weeks. I did not have to use any pain relievers and there were no side effects.

It has been almost four months since the surgery and my sinus issues appear to be resolved. I have had no sinus congestion or sinus infections. I can breath normally now because my nostrils (nasal passages) are no longer blocked.

Since my surgery, I have experienced two other unexpected benefits. I had a perforated left ear drum many years ago. In recent years I would get ear aches whenever I itched or put a cotton swab in it. The problem appears to have gone away. I also was getting ear aches from wind or air blowing into that ear. I am no longer having pain from that either. Finally, I would get occasional pains (pressure?) in my head. Remarkably, that seems to have gone away as well.

Dr. Petri, I want to thank you and your staff for taking such good care of me. My Balloon Sinuplasty has been a rewarding and positive experience. It has certainly improved my health.

Richard E. – Memphis, TN

I have experienced chronic sinus problems for many years. I recently had the relatively new Balloon Sinuplasty procedure along with a turbinates reduction (both ambulatory procedures - relatively painless requiring only local anesthesia). Jan Petri, M.D., in Memphis with the Memphis Sinus Relief Center performed my operation in her office.

The results have been remarkable. I am breathing freely through both nostrils for the first time in many years. I am feeling great, and my quality of life has improved, including sleeping more soundly. I give this procedure a definite "thumbs up", and I am very pleased that I chose to have it done.

Based on my positive results, I recommend this procedure as a viable, effective medical option for anyone having sinus pain issues and restricted breathing through the nostrils. Doctor Petri can help you feel better.

Amy G. – Cordova, TN

I have suffered with chronic sinus infections, pain, and congestion for over 30 years. I am and elementary school music education teacher, and I usually blamed my four or more sinus infections a year on my students. Rounds of antibiotics and steroids did not really solve the issues as one infection blended into another.

I saw Dr. Petri talking about Balloon Sinuplasty on TV, and thought it might work for me. I was able to get an appointment quickly, and after looking at my scans, she believed this procedure would help. I had Balloon Sinuplasty done in January of 2014.

I can actually say I felt a difference almost immediately. The best description I can say is, "I have space in my face!" I am breathing better! I have not had a sinus infection since having this procedure.

Many thanks to you and your helpful staff!

Cindy S. – Memphis, TN

Being a Memphis native, I’ve suffered with sinus problems all my life. I could only breathe through my mouth most of the time, making it difficult to even eat. Sleeping was tricky, I had to sleep on my stomach (allowing my face to become totally stuffed up), I couldn’t sleep on my back because the drainage choked me. My doctor visits were usually diagnosed as a sinus infection, bronchitis and an ear infection. The sinus issues spilled over and either caused or aggravated the other areas. At one point last year I was at my doctor’s office monthly. I saw the TV spot with Dr. Petri and stored away the idea for a while, continuing to suffer. Finally I made an appointment that I should have made years ago! I had an infection at the time and had to get cleared up before I underwent the balloon procedure. I am 2 weeks post procedure and couldn’t be more pleased. I can Breathe! I have been sleeping on my back, have more energy and I know it was worth the slight discomfort for the relief I feel. I was awake and talking with the staff the entire 1 hour the procedure took and they were all so nice to me. It’s a shame I won’t need them anymore.

David B. – Memphis, TN

Since moving to Memphis, 30 years ago, each spring and fall I would have attacks of pressure and pain behind my eyes and pain along my teeth on my left side. As time went on, the interlude between the attacks became shorter and shorter. I tried most of the over-the-counter medicines, and while they would give me partial relief, they would also make me either drowsy or jumpy. In some years, these medicines would give me no relief, and I would have to go to my primary physician for a course of antibiotics and/or oral steroids. In the fall of 2012 I had a severe attack with eye and teeth pain, and had two courses of antibiotics and steroids with no relief. After seven months of pain, I was referred to Dr. Petri.

Dr. Petri did a thorough examination and suggested a Balloon Sinuplasty. I was initially hesitant, but after investigating the procedure and learning about the success others enjoyed, I wanted the procedure done on me - and I wanted it as soon as possible.

The day of the procedure was comfortable from the time I arrived at her office until the time I was discharged. The staff took special pains to make sure I felt at ease. The actual procedure went smoothly with Dr. Petri explaining every step as she went along. There was no pain, at most, there was a sense of pressure inside my nose. I had immediate complete relief on the right side of my face, the left side took about three days to reach the level of complete relief.

At the two week check-up, when the Doctor asked how was I doing, I told her that the difference between the before and after was almost miraculous. I have had no more sinus pain, no more pressure, and as a side benefit I think I am even breathing easier and my wife says my breath smells better.

I highly recommend the procedure and Dr. Petri. If you are a male, like me, don't “tough out” sinus pain and pressure. You will find yourself being more productive and easier to get along with if Dr. Petri performs Balloon Sinuplasty on you.

Linda V. – Cordova, TN

I had the Balloon Sinuplasty procedure done in April of 2013, by Dr. Jan Petri. I have known Dr. Petri for sixteen years, since I first came to Memphis. She has done two other procedures on me during that time. She is by far the best ENT doctor you will ever want to go to! She talked to me about this procedure thoroughly before I had it done and I knew everything step by step before I went in to have it performed on me. When I was having the procedure, she and her staff talked to me all the way through it. It was not uncomfortable and it only took about thirty minutes. Dr. Petri is so professional, and yet she makes you feel like you are her only patient. She takes her time with each patient and you can certainly tell that she cares about you.

My sinuses were so bad. I had congestion, couldn’t breathe, and couldn’t sleep at all (kept wet hot heat on my nose all night). I had constant headaches, and pain in my face. I was on antibiotics and steroids, neither of which worked for me. As soon as I left Dr. Petri’s office and walked outside after the procedure, I could breathe and I haven’t felt this good in years. I came home and was fine. And, when I went to sleep that night, it was magical. I went right to sleep and slept through until the next morning. All I want to say in conclusion, is that if you are having any of these sinus problems, do not walk, but run to Dr. Petri’s office. All of my other doctors will tell you that she is the very best. She is. Don’t wait. God Bless You Dr. Petri for changing my life. You are awesome.

Karen C. – Cordova, TN

I am a professional singer and voice teacher, and I am a patient of Dr. Jan Petri. After living with severe sinusitis for the past three years and trying all medical treatments available, Dr. Petri suggested In-Office Balloon Sinuplasty. I was apprehensive to say the least, but Dr. Petri informed me of each step of the procedure and supported me throughout the entire process.

I had extensive inflammation and infection, and so it took a little longer for my total recovery. I will say that I was able to sing two days after the procedure, and my breathing has improved 200%! I highly recommend Dr. Petri as someone with extensive knowledge and experience, but most of all as someone who truly cares for her patients! I am thankful that she was able to perform the In-Office Balloon Sinuplasty to my great benefit!

Polly R. — Memphis, TN

I had suffered with chronic sinus pressure, headache, congestion, poor drainage and infections for about ten years.  I was constantly on sinus medications that would only help for a while but never for the long term.  I was watching a local TV program and saw Doctor Petri talking about the Balloon Sinus Procedure and knew I wanted to see if I was a candidate for this procedure.  I scheduled an appointment and found out I did need the procedure done so I set the date for the procedure which was done in the Doctor's office and only took about thirty minutes.  I felt no pain just some pressure during the procedure and could immediately breathe a lot better, the headaches, congestion and pressure is gone.  I highly recommend the Balloon Sinus Dilation to sinus suffers.

Marshall Faulk — NFL Hall of Fame Running Back

Paul W. — Cordova, TN

I had the balloon sinuplasty procedure done spring of 2012. Dr. Petri and her staff were very informative and professional. They talked with me about what was involved with the procedure and answered all my questions. The actual surgery took about an hour, and then I went home. No pain from the procedure and only missed one day of work. I could tell instantly that there was a difference in my breathing. Since the procedure was done, I have not had any issues with my sinuses.

Jean S. – Memphis, TN

My sinuses were totally blocked and would not drain. I had sinus infections for which I was given antibiotics over a period of several months, but still felt totally stopped up. I had the sinuplasty in May and feel great now.

Dawn Burley — Student and non-profit caseworker

Kenneth M. — Germantown, TN

It had been so long since I could breathe easily that I almost forgot what it was like! For several years, the right side of my nose was nearly completely blocked, making it difficult to sleep and function normally. Every time I became even slightly congested, my sinuses would become clogged, and I would ultimately get a sinus infection that would require steroids and antibiotics on a regular basis. I would have to go through this regimen three or four times a year missing work, going to the doctor, and worst of all, taking antibiotics. I became worried that over time these antibiotics might begin to lose their effectiveness.

After deciding to go through with the balloon surgery, I was excited about the possibility of being able to breathe normally again. The procedure was relatively short and only caused minimal discomfort. The staff was great! The benefit was apparent almost immediately after the procedure, and after only a week and a half my breathing has improved dramatically! It is almost unbelievable to think that this could make such a difference in my everyday life. I highly recommend this to anyone who might be experiencing similar sinus problems.