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The sinuses contain water vapor, mucus, air, and other gases. In general, the sinus pressure is the same as the outside air. If this equilibrium is not maintained, sudden pain and congestion in the sinuses may result.

Like sinusitis, barosinusitis involves inflammation and swelling of the lining of one or more of the sinuses. The cause of the swelling is a change in air pressure that can occur when flying, scuba diving, or travelling through high altitude areas like mountains. For certain professions that require air travel, the onset of barosinusitis can be particularly painful and debilitating.

Incoming thunderstorm

The initial treatment for barosinusitis is medication. For those who suffer from repeated episodes, Balloon Sinuplasty™ or traditional sinus surgery may be an option.

Some patients experience a lesser form of barotrauma. They often will have facial pain and pressure with changing weather conditions and barometric pressure. If this is a frequent problem, is particularly debilitating, and doesn't get better with medications, there could be an anatomical issue. In this case, Balloon Sinuplasty™ may also be an option.